Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats. But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!


37 ‘exotic people’ for the traditional Pentecost Walk on the Rothaarsteig Trail [4 June 2017]

One of the numerous spontaneous positive reactions of the dressed hikers and bikers the naked walkers encountered on their Pentecost walk on 4 June on the Rothaarsteig Trail in the Sauerland region was: „Oh, how exotic ….!“.

There were 37 naked hikers, amongst them 5 women, who began their traditional (14th!) walk late in the morning from the parking lot of the Rhine Weser Tower. Almost all hikers started the walk ‘incognito’, since they kept their clothes on because of the rather cool air and the cold wind – remainders of the bad weather of last night. But as the sun more and more broke through, one hiker after the other went for the full monty.

The initiator, Horst K., had made every effort to make this 15 km hike to a success as well. And he really has succeeded in this.

Thanks to the map we know what we perceive in the distance.

The route led to the Margaretenstein and from there past lots of beautiful panoramic views, where in the distance the Hundem valley and the town of Schmallenberg caught the eye, to bring the hikers via the vast woods of the Sauerland back to the Rhine Weser Tower, where most of them finished the day with a pleasant, good meal, this time in the restaurant of the watchtower itself. Report: Guido – Pictures: Horst K.

Naked hiking days in the Saarland [3 June 2017]

Thursday 1 June: naked hiking on the “Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama” [2 June 2017]

After our arrival in the “dream loop” hiking area of Saarland and Hunsrück we chose the ‘Georgi-Panoramaweg’ near Losheim with many beautiful views and a 360° panorama for our warming-up. In the afternoon this hike was completed by a visit to a Merzig café and after that a good meal in the beer garden of the ‘Merziger Brauhaus’.

Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg



Nude walking days in the Pfalz hills [1 June 2017]

Wednesday 31 May: Nude hiking near Falkenstein castle ruin [1 June 2017]

The Falkenstein castle ruin was both starting point and destination of another nude hiking in the high summer heat. Our most exciting pause was at the ‘Weiße Grube’, a still accessible old mining tunnel. In the direct surroundings several remainders of traditional ore and gem mining iron that took place here in times past, sometimes even for centuries.

Apart from several old mining tunnels also Kronenbuche, the Hohenfels castle ruin, Beutelfelsen, Rote Halde and Dicke Eiche were intermediate points of this hike, which was completed at the Falkensteinerhof with ice-cream, coffee and cake.


Sunday, 28 May: Climbing the Drachenfels in the heat [28 May 2017]

An international group of naturist made a hike in the Hunsrück mountains at a temperature of 30 degrees. In spite of the heat, they climbed the Drachenfels, where also a lot of dressed hikers were enjoying the panorama.

On the way to one of the panorama cliffs On the way to one of the panorama cliffs

After 300 metres straight downhill the hikers enjoyed an ice-cream or cake in Restaurant ‘Saupferch’ in the mid of the woods. From here they still had to walk another five and a half mile on a route uphill to the parking lot. All the better were the tasty cool drinks and the good food in Hotel ‘Zum Hirsch’ in Ramsen in the evening.


Naked hike through the Realm of the Elves [17 May 2017]

On 16 May Dutch and German Naturists met each other for a naked hike in a part of the German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette. During their 15 km hike through the heathland of the Dutch National Park De Meinweg with many ponds like the Elfenmeer (Elves’ Pond) temperatures rose to 30 degrees Celsius.

The hike touched one of the Happiness Spots of the Tiny Treasures of Roerdalen. Part of these spots is the Realm of the Elves. The hikers were accompanied by the sound of spring in form of the songs of numerous different bird species and the loud croaking of frogs in the ponds. And all of a sudden a large number of mills in a wind park far away somewhere in Belgium were seen, making this hike a real cross-border one.


»Pieces and Elements« in PACT Zollverein, Essen [12 May 2017]

Isabelle Schad studied classical dancing in Stuttgart from 1981 until 1990. After her studies she danced classical ballet for 6 years. In 1999 she made a radical shift, and since then she created her own choreographic works and projects in which the human body serves in a totally new way as part of the ensemble of corpses into which it is integrated.

‘Pieces and Elements’ is part II of a trilogy (the first part is ‘Collective Jumps’) in which the physical moves of each individual participant on the stage is merged into those of all others to a harmonic overall move, or in which the different impulse of the individual is taken over by the others, thus eventually forming new harmony from the inconsistent moves that were initially carried out side by side.

It is, for example, fascinating to see how the arms of 6 dancers coalesce to two dancing snaked that seem to move freely through the room since the bodies of the dancers, all covered in black, practically disappear before the dark background.

Also spectacular are the collective contortions by the naked dancers: part of them being artistic arm and leg positions, partly acrobatic motion sequences. Most imposing, however, is the harmony of the moving action, disappearing again and again in order to be developed once more in renewed collectivity.




Naked museum visit: On 5 May »Nackt und bloß« [en: »Naked and bare«] in the Landesmuseum Hannover [en: Hanover State Museum] [5 May 2017]

23 Naturists

23 Naturists joined the exhibition curator on a guided tour of the exhibition and were informed about the development of nude painting and the changing attitudes to nudity and gender roles in the society of about 100 years ago, the paintings and graphics of Corinth and his underlying motivation. The tour created better understanding among those participating. For me personally, the picture ‘Die Nacktheit’ of the lying woman and the two playing children triggered most intense feelings, as it remembered me of my birthdays as a child (on hot July days celebrated naked in the garden) and of very similar photos of these days, showing children concentrated on playing their games just as deeply as those on the picture at the exhibition and waving as cheerfully as the depicted kid.

After the guided tour the naturists had the opportunity to visit the ‘KunstWelten’ [art worlds] in the state museum, where visitors can step through the art work back to the 13th century. There is the almost 200-year-old statue, showing a modern and young looking couple who demonstrate what is still happening now and then: he is quite naturally naked, but she does not dare. And there is the living couple of today, holding hands behind the stony one, 200 years after the creation of the statue.

Even though we had already explored a part of the museum before the tour (where I also saw the bog body of the Man from Neu-Versen, which shudder me with fear 60 years ago when I was a pupil), time was too short to cover all the treasures of the multi-thematic state museum (country, coast, and air worlds, human worlds = evolution and ethnology, art worlds, etc.): We will definitely come back, even in clothes if absolutely necessary!


Announcement [24 April 2017]

The Hanover State Museum shows the special exhibition Nackt und bloß. Lovis Corinth und der Akt um 1900 [Naked And Bare. Lovis Corinth And The Nude Around 1900]. We have arranged a naked visit of the exhibition on Friday, 5 May, between 530 p.m. and 730 p.m.. Since we will be naked during this visit, we want to feel more deeply and intensely into the situation of the naked model or the artist than it would be the case if we would surrender ourselves to the barrier which clothes would constitute. As we had already realised in 2013 in the Leopold Museum Wien, Austria Leopold Museum Wien, Austria and in 2015 in the LWL Museum Münster (Westf.), Germany.

The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Barbara Martin, will show us around. This guided tour will take about 1 hour. The number of participants to a tour is limited to ca. 25 persons, and therefore we would form two groups if more than 25 naturists would attend. During the tour of one group the other one can visit the ‘KunstWelten’ and view the works from the medieval to the early modern age, among which are highlights by Cranach, Rubens, Rembrandt, Caspar David Friedrich, Liebermann and Monet.

The museum offers a friendly price and charges 15 € p.p. for a total of 2 hours exclusive stay in the ‘KunstWelten’. If you want to participate, please register via Anmeldung zu einem Nackt-Event [via Home DE, currently only in German].

Tip: Needless to say that dressed persons (partner, children, relatives, friends, others ...) can participate in this special event as well.



Article in the ‘Mitteldeutsche Zeitung’ on the start of the hiking season on the ‘Naturistenstieg’ [3 May 2017]

In the German paper Mitteldeutschen Zeitung is an article on the start of the hiking season 2017 on the ‘Harzer Naturistenstieg’ in Wippra.


A weekend of nudevents in the Münsterland, Germany [1 May 2017]

Monday 1 May

Monday 1 May showed up with cloudy weather and temperatures that remained below 15 degrees Celsius all day. This meant: no nude biking, as the wind left no other option than to wear warm clothes. And even between the hikers there were only a few who took off their clothes. Those who did, though, lightened the mood of most day trippers who met us.

Report and photos: Rainer and Horst


Sunday 30 April

On Sunday 30 April it took an hour and a half for all 10 hikers to take off their clothes, since the event started at 14 degrees C and in spite of the bright sun it felt quite cold because of the windchill. And even a few hours later, when temperatures were at 18 degrees, the wind kept on blowing. It was only after the lunch break that conditions for the second half of the hike made the hikers feel really comfortable, as the temperature had then risen to 21 degrees.

Saturday 29 April

On Saturday 29 April at 10 a.m., 28 naturists met in a restaurant in the North-western Münsterland to have a pleasant chat, to exchange memories and to play nine pin bowling. In the afternoon a number of them closed the day with a short walk. Because temperatures were low not all naturists walked in the nude that day.

Alongside the fields of the Münsterland

… we arrived at a canal bridge that was built in the early thirties.

From the bridge that was next we had an excellent view of the track of the new canal bridge currently under construction.

Of the original building (erected ca. 1890) only the arches of sandstone are still visible.

At present the foundations of the new bridge are realised.

Next to this, grebes and other water birds built their nests directly near the edge of the marina. Some of them can already be seen on the water together with their offspring.

We walked by country paths and field roads through natural areas to the bridge that leads the Dortmund Ems Canal over the Ems River. The bridge is a good thing for the environment, since larger transport capacities in the inland waterway transport reduce the need for freight mobility on the road. Report and photos: Rainer and Horst.

For more information on the canal bridge, look at V Jahnk (in German) and read this newspaper article in the Westfälischen Nachrichten (in German).

Thomas sent us his reaction on the nudevent:


Once again I want to thank you for the beautiful day and for all your efforts to make the joint nudevents possible. The restaurant, the bowling alley and the service ? it was all very pleasant. It has been a very positive experience to me that the staff showed no fear of contact at all and that the social intercourse was absolutely uncomplicated. But the most important thing I got aware of is that once again I have got to know a number of very nice people. Right from the beginning the atmosphere was relaxed, making me feeling very well at ease.

This goes for the nude walk as well. The route was very well chosen and the canal bridge, being the little highlight, was interesting and informative. Nice conversations with all participants offered optimum variety. Moreover being naked at temperatures that were rather low in spite of the season, appeared to be one of my new perceptions, even if the chilliness let my knees shaking from time to time. And I will even remember the reaction of those who passed by, who mainly did not have any trouble at all to meet naked people, as a quite pleasant experience.

So when on Sunday my thoughts went out to your hike that day and the weather was so fine and sunny, it made me envy you. I wish the Saturday hike had met such circumstances as well. I will definitely be present at some of your WNT events in June this year, and I will register for them at the Natury site.



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