Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats. But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!

Natury goes international and polyglot … [19 February 2017]

… first in Dutch:

The most important parts of are now made easier to understand for those who prefer to read in Dutch language. We hope that this will encourage our friends outside Germany to participate to our nudevents. And on the other hand everyone who has something to report that might be interesting for the other readers (a nudist walk, nude bathing or anything else important from the naturist world) can inform us by sending his comment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Dutch) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (German, English, or French). Of course we also call up our German readers to send in their reports.

It is, of course, not our intention to translate all articles, since many of them are relevant for only one country and will therefore not be translated into the languages of other countries. Yet there is enough input to be translated, so it will take some time to have everything important available in the relevant languages, since all those who participate their contribution to this site do this as volunteers besides their professional jobs.

Would you like to contribute to our comprehensive translation work from German into Dutch? Then please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And if you like to contribute to our translation work from German into English or French then please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Andy Golub presents a new website with a lot of videos on bodypainting [5 October 2017]

Andy Golub, linked since long time in our list of links as to art, has moved his presentation on bodypainting art to the new URL, on which a lot of videos on bodypainting invite to browse through and watch – it's recomendable to invoke the full screen mode.

Aside from New York City, further cities in the USA, and – in Europe – Amsterdam, where the Bodypainting Day takes place since years, further cities all over the world, like i.e. Berlin, have joined in for the colourful presentation of natural joie de vivre. On the spot, a Berlin-based manufacturer of theater make-up has used this oppurtunity to promote this as a sponsor, another manufacturer from New York has then joined in, too.

In Germany in 2017, further bodypainting events to join in took place: Bodypainting in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz mountains und a BodyArt Performance in the harbour of Münster (Westf.)

Our project 'Multilingualism' proudly presents brochure, postcards etc. in English [1 October 2017]

The translation to English has made an amazing progress. Kudos to Bernard from England and John from Ireland for their deliberately offered translation work.

As a proof, the printable brochure, postcards etc. are from know available in English, containing URLs refering to already translated parts of the natury site.

Brochure Brochure One postcard of six One of six postcards (forefront)

Report by a partcipant in a naked hike on Friday, 25 August [29 August 2017]

Thanks again for another very pleasant day.

Having hike now the same trail for the third time, it was nevertheless nice, not least because of the co-hikers.

Naked people apparently do not have high inhibitions, because we were en route quite familiar and friendly with each other.

I also felt the stop after the hike in the Das kleine Kartoffelhaus inn very lovely, especially due to the chance to be naked there. Many thanks to the landlady and the service staff, such a welcome is certainly not commonplace.*).

Report: Thomas

*) Maybe not commonplace, but also not unique: In the same inn in 2016, in the Zum Ziegenhainer inn in Jena, Germany, in 2016, and others.

Our naked performance on the footbridge on Saturday night in pictures [29 August 2017]

Eleven nudes enter the bridge and move slowly to the center.

Eleven nudes enter the bridge and move slowly to the center.

WORTH_LIVING. The motto of the city of Münster.

The middle of the bridge is reached. They all turn clockwise and show the letters "LEBENSWERT." [en: "WORTH_LIVING."] – The motto of the city of Münster.

Naturism is just NATURLAL.

After about half a minute, all naktivists turn around and show the letters "NATÜRLICH." [en: "NATURAL."] and the logo of the city of Münster. Naturism is just natural. We have to calm down the security guys, who are in red t-shirts: "We're doing an art project here!"

Position change.

Position change. In order to be able to read our inscriptions from the other side of the harbour, we have to change the order of the naktivists. The security guys take care, that we do everything right.

For the people on the waterside side with the many restaurants.

Now we are the other way round, and the people on the waterside side with the many restaurants can finally read: "LEBENSWERT." [en: "WORTH_LIVING."], while from the other side now, ".HCILRÜTAN" can be seen from left to right, i.e. correct from right to left.

The other side of the coin: Naturism is

Once again, we turned around to show people in the restaurants: Naturism is "NATÜRLICH." [en: "NATURAL."] The photographer on the other side now sees ".TREWSNEBEL" from left to right, correct again from right to left.

Message understood. We go back to the waterside. There is applause. Thank you!

In all 4 positions, we have stayed for about half a minute. Now our message has been understood, and we are going back to the waterside. There is applause. Thank you!

On the waterside, there is one of us with a young family answering their questions as to the performance, which just have happened. The three children at the age of 4, 6 and 8 years did like it, and their parents as well.

Münster is WORTH_LIVING, they all here know it, so they live here, NATURALLY!

Photos: Thomas

German newspapers Westfälische Nachrichten and Münstersche Volkszeitung report on a naked performance on the waterway [29 August 2017]

The German newspapers Westfälischen Nachrichten and the Münstersche Volkszeitung report on our naked performance on Saturday evening and promote this action as part of the Sculpture Projects Münster 2017.

Bericht in der Zeitung Westfälische Nachrichten

Translation of the regarding report by German newspaper's Münstersche Volkszeitung on the naked performance on the footbridge ON WATER [29 August 2017]

The naked conquer the art

29 August 12:47 - Naturist intervention on Ayşe Erkmens footbridge ON WATER

Some of the visitors to that sculpture might have rubbed the eyes or cleaned the glasses that Saturday evening. The currently most visited sculpture of Münster, Ayşe Erkmens ON WATER, was captured by eleven nudes, who had painted the sequence of the letters "LEBENSWERT" [en: "WORTH_LIVING"] and "NATÜRLICH" [en: NATURAL"] on the front and the back of their naked bodies. And now they were holding hands solidarily without any clothes on Münster's iconic footbridge ON WATER. Notable resistance to the naked takeover did not stir. The whole action was not, as one might believe, planned by long hand, emphasized the participants, nine men and two women, who during the morning had met at the Westphalian Naturists Days. The focus of that days was hiking, swimming, or cycling, all of which carried out naked and in harmony with nature. The combination of natural nudity and art evoke a particular interest. And so, amongst the participants the idea emerged, to reflect the artwork "On Water" by Ayşe Erkmens in "their naturist way of life and to add another experienceable facet by means of a combination of body painting and spontaneous naked performance (…) a half-new look to what is known", as it is stated in an academic press release.

The courageous eleven nudists were curios about the resonance, which of course did not fail to appear: "Reactions from other visitors did take place," reports Helmut Schultze, who participated lively: "Others left space to us and watched our performance attentively. Also from the footbridge, one could read the words "Natürlich" and "Lebenswert". We were also interviewed by many visitors. Also, reaction from the audience on the waterside, which was estimated to about 3,000 visitors, took place: Applause! Some of the security staff reacted irritated and asked us to leave the bridge. Otherwise the police would be called. Our explanation "This is an art project" helped us to to gain some extra time without disturbance, which helped us to complete our performance. In any case, photos and probably some video material should have been recorded."

The public action of the naturists is not motivated politically. Helmut Schultze: "Our approach is not political but rather social: We live naturism and recognise this mental attitude as deeply human and natural – as against consumption-centric orientationn, wasting resources, and environmental destruction, with which the present humanity is going to turn our planet uninhabitable soon."

The organising team of the sculpture projects took the action, which they could not change any more, calmly. "The dock at the port is freely accessible to all visitors. Since the group has not pushed or harassed anybody, they are free to commit the walk like any other visitor", the press office of the #sp_muenster from Domplatz said.

The arts-minded naturists took their inspiration, among others, out of a naked visit to the exhibition "The bare life" and a spontaneous performance "How little abstraction does art tolerate?" by the psychologist and nude artist Milo Moiré on the final day of that exhibition in the LWL-Museum, Münster (Westf .), in February 2015. So all official art, so to speak.

One thing, the naturists, used to the jargon of art, managed to add to Ayşe Erkmens site-specific intervention "another, new one", as the press release of the artful nudes calls it.

The Active Naturists' Initiative, which communicates by Internet, is active for the promotion of tourism in the Münsterland region in Germany since 2016. (Fb)


The Active Naturists' Initiative carried out a spontaneous nude performance on the artwork "On Water" by Ayşe Erkmens

Source in German with the image: Münstersche Volkszeitung

Catch-up days from 24 to 27 August of the Westphalian Naturists' Days [27 August 2017]

Those nudevents in the Münsterland region in Germany in June / July, which had to be abandoned or cancelled are now put onto the agenda again at end of August expecting more stable weather conditions.

Sunday 27 August: Naked hike near Merfeld [27.08.17]

Sunday was the last day of the catch-up days, offering as good conditions for naktivities, as the days before. 16 naked hikers, aged between 30 and 80 years, covered a distance of about 15 km in the Merfeld area. As part of the track, one had the choice to wade a brook, while others continued on dry paths. Those, who waded, realized, that there are also ascents in the Münsterland: the brook has three (artificial) waterfalls with a drop height of about 30 cm each on a distance of 1 km.

Along the alley towards the enclosure of the Dülmen Pony

Also as part of the hike, a side trip to the Dülmen Pony and finally a refreshment in the restaurant Waldfrieden took place. This year's series of naturists' weeks drew to a close.

Saturday 26 August: Naked performance on the inner harbour of Münster [26.08.17]

On Saturday evening, eleven women and men entered the platform On Water by the artist Ayşe Erkmens, who had been installed in the old harbor basin during the Sculpture Projects Münster 2017. With the the feet pacing on the platform in the water, letters were to be seen on chests and backs of the performance artists, displaying the letters "NATÜRLICH." [en: "NATURAL."] and the logo of the city of Münster on one hand and on the other the letters "LEBENSWERT." [en: "WORTH_LIVING."] – the motto of the city of Münster.

Münster is worth living Naturism is Natural

with a few twists and turns, the words could be read alternately from all sides, and at the end of the performance, the performers were acknowledged a little with applause from the estimated 3,000 people of Münster present.

Saturday 26 August: Naked hike tour near Venner Moor [26.08.17]

On Saturday, a naked hike through the Moor of Venne [ge: Venner Moor] was on schedule. 24 naturists gathered under a bright and cloudy sky, whereupon the temperature rising to 26 °C during the course of the hike.

We hiked across the Woermann farm again – in 2012, the farmer had searched the Internet as to naked hikes and contacted us. Then we went on to the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal and through the Moor of Venne to the place for a rest. Many of the hikers approaching us asked us questions as to hiking naked, which we willingly answered in detail.

The hike trail crosses the Woermann farm Botany in the Moor of im Venne

After the rest, we met an excursion carriage with a group of young women, who usually form a roup of regulars, but today made their annual trip. Their laughter and shouts awoke a whole pack of deer in the neighboring forest, which we could still observe on a forest glade. Then, just arriving on the parking lot to start and finish our naked hike, we met the excursion carriage with the group of young women again, who – probably animated by us naked hikers – agreed on the game "Which team lays the longest chain of clothes?" and therefore undressed (almost completely).

Friday 25 August: Naked hike or bike tour near Altenberge [25.08.17]

Today, from the same starting point, 9 pedestrians started a hike tour of 26 km and 12 cyclists a naked bicycle tour of 52 km. The weather offered sunny and warm conditions of up to 25 °C, which also invited some to have a swim in a lake.

The biker group had numerous encounters of different kinds: with humans, with horses and with policemen – the latter had received several calls and looked for the naked cyclists longer than 2 hours of their period of service. That prompted them, to ask us, to inform them of similar events in advance in the future – they could calm callers right on the phone: "We know they do not do anything bad." In addition, we found, that in some places the cycle path is as narrow as a one-way road – but wo-way traffic is to be encounted anyway.

One encounters bikers One encounters  horses And a narrow cycle path

Thursday 24 August: A naked hiker encounters a clothed cell phone in the Hohe Ward [25.08.17]

On Thursday evening, an e-mail arrived at natury: "We have probably met a group of you in Hiltruper Wald this morning. My friend lost his cell phone during our walk and hopes that one of the hikers might have found the cell phone.".

The mail survey to all migrant participants yielded the answer of Jens: "… then it is probably the cell phone of your friend, which I found. As I passed the place as the third of our group, I have asked only the two people in front of, if they missed the phone. So, I am glad to be able to return the mobile to the owner." Everything will be fine!

Thursday 24 August: Naked hike tour in the Hohe Ward [24.08.17]

The thermometer showed 20 °C, as 20 naked hikers undressed in the parking and started their hike. The sun peered through the clouds only from time to time and so it took some time to warm the air up to 24 °C in the afternoon. Soon, the participants gained an impression of how intensively the area is used for water catchment. Everywhere, one encountered fountains and place of sampling, i.e. to measure the quality of the water. At the water works, constructed in 1908, one could taste a dram.

The Hohe Ward is a woodland to the south of Münster It is traditionally used as a water catchment area Warning of the oak processionary moth On the way to a bth in the canal

But the city of Münster also considers the health of hikers and walkers in the forest and warns that the oak procession moth can cause allergies and health problems. A creepy story is also told by the bronze plaque on the Freistuhl, a former court place, where 13 skulls were found, which, in the truest sense of the word, were literally muzzled by a nail driven downwards through the skull, which was than bent below the chin – someday at the end of the Middle Ages.

Bronze plaque on the Freistuhl

Finally,the group reached the Dortmund-Ems canal near of the railway bridge of the Hamm-Münster train line, where some of the participants enjoyed a cooling in the water. At the end of the day, the restaurant Prinzenbrücke had an adequate, delicious refreshment after the hike of 17 km.

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